Idaho Governor Denounces Lt. Governor’s Abuse of Power

Idaho Governor Denounces Lt. Governor’s Abuse of Power

Gov. Little defends local control, denounces Lt. Governor’s irresponsible abuse of power

Boise, ID (STL.News) Governor Brad Little issued Executive Order 2021-08 today – “Repealing Executive Order 2021-07 to Restore Local Control” – and provided the following statement to the people of Idaho:

My fellow Idahoans.

We could talk ‘til we’re blue in the face about masks and whether they work – whether mask mandates work – but I think the people of Idaho are tired of hearing about it.

With the roll out of the COVID-19 vaccine and steady declines in case counts and hospitalizations, masks are, thankfully, becoming a thing of the past.

For the record, though, I have opposed a statewide mask mandate all along because I don’t think top-down mandates change behavior the way personal choice does.

But, as your Governor, when it came to masks, I also didn’t undermine separately elected officials who, under Idaho law, are given authorities to take measures they believe will protect the health and safety of the people they serve.

An executive order that was issued while I was out of state this week runs contrary to a basic conservative principle – the government closest to the people governs best.

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Author: Maryam Shah