David Devall Sentenced in Possession Of A firearm

David Devall Sentenced in Possession Of A firearm

Convicted Felon, Drug User, and Domestic Abuse Misdemeanant, David Devall Who Possessed a Firearm Sentenced to Federal Prison

(STL.News) A man who possessed a loaded pistol was sentenced March 12, 2021, to more than one year in federal prison.

David Devall, age 43, from Sioux City, Iowa, received the prison term after an October 13, 2020, guilty plea to being a felon, drug user and domestic abuse misdemeanant in possession of a firearm and ammunition.  Devall was previously convicted of felony and domestic abuse crimes which made it illegal for him to possess a gun.

Evidence at Devall’s, detention, change of plea, and sentencing hearings revealed that on in the early morning hours of December 17, 2019, officers with the Sioux City, Iowa, police department observed a suspicious vehicle in an area behind a closed business.  An officer in an unmarked vehicle began following the suspicious vehicle, and learned the vehicle was registered to Devall through the license plate.  Shortly thereafter, the vehicle accelerated away and travelled in excess of 65 mph for an unspecified distance.  The officers following Devall noted that the vehicle, which had slowed significantly, was making a series of suspicious turns down various streets in Sioux City. 

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